Is this You?

Are you selling products online? You are the company that has taken your product idea, has designed and created a prototype, found a manufacturer, and now sells to passionate customers. Or you are the company that was passionate about a product category, developed relationships with multiple vendors, built out a marketing strategy and sells online. You are busy and the complexities of your business make your accounting neglected or inadequate.

Does Your Accounting Suck?

You didn’t go into business to be an e-commerce accountant, but accounting is hard and yours might not meet your needs. Are the accounting essentials (payroll, bill pay, payments, etc.) dragging you down? Are your financial fundamentals (bookkeeping, financial statements, etc.) lacking? Are you getting the answers you need for your business?

  • Is your inventory count accurate?
  • Is that product profitable?
  • Which sales channel is generating the most profits (not just the most revenue)?
  • Is sales tax keeping you down?

If your current approach isn’t helping, you need an e-commerce accountant.

Our Approach

Our e-commerce accounting services are designed to support profitable growth. We address your operational and strategic needs today and tomorrow. Our teams are designed to support what you need today and scale with you for tomorrow’s challenges.

Foundational Services

Every business requires accounting essentials including payroll, invoicing, bill pay, collections, and sales tax compliance. LedgerGurus can support, supplement, or offload these activities so you can spend more time selling.

There are also the financial fundamentals of bookkeeping, account reconciliations, expense management, financial controls, and financial reviews that are critical to managing growth and have accurate business insights. LedgerGurus can enhance or implement these services that are often lacking or missing, yet necessary for success.

Strategic Services

Building on the foundational services are the strategic e-commerce accounting services. Such services are critical to achieve profitability and maximize sales. These services include:

  • Inventory Accounting: Managing inventory is important, but understanding the costs and counts of inventory is sublime. We help you achieve this.
  • Cost of Goods Sold Accuracy: One of the most challenging issues with e-commerce is determining real profitability. Cost of goods sold (COGS) is critical to determining real profitability and can be lost with varying purchasing and associated costs. We demystify COGS.